About Us

WHO = We are a group of dedicated professions determined to effect change in our (and your) community by creating a safe, fun, learning environment for the youth. Pathway II Hope is where you will find all of the necessary tools to a successful path.

WHAT = We want to get ahead of the “game” by eliminating the “at risk” category of youth. We instill the core values of discipline, respect and knowledge. Discipline must come first. We want the youth to understand that there is order in every aspect of life. We express the importance of understanding that respect of self and others will be the guide in all decisions. Knowledge is POWER—and something that can never be taken away. It is simply—the road to the path.

WHEN and WHERE = We will come to you— your community! We are mobile and able to present our program at almost any place and at any time. We structure our program to fit your needs and rarely duplicate an event (though we do have that capability). We are ready to provide our services to you!

OUR GOAL = Our goal is to target the youth and provide educational and technical training while emphasizing our core values. Each one, teach one!

The Founder: Sergeant First Class Torrance Anthony Green was born and raised in Hattiesburg, MS where he currently resides. He has been a member of the United States Marine Corp and is currently in the United States Army. He is a purple heart recipient. Not only has Torrance dedicated his life to serving our country, but he has dedicated his service to our youth. He has seen, time and time again, youth getting lost in the system. Youth being disregarded and labeled as “at risk”. He knows that if the youth are exposed to core values in a fun, safe learning environment, their path can be modified. Modified in a way to ensure they understand their choices and the consequences that follow. Torrance reached out to his fellow servicemen, community leaders and professionals and all responded positively. They committed their time and effort to invest in the future of our children. Pathway II Hope was formed from a vision and materialized from hard work and dedication.